Embracing my journey to BeEnergized

If I look back over the past 10 years I can see where my journey to BeEnergized has taken me.

Ruth, the Founder of NutrItion Mind Body Balance in Italy. A journey to BeEnergized.
My journey to regain energy.

At the start, I was just getting by, a single parent with 2 teenage kids working as a primary school teacher. However, life was wearing me down because I was struggling to do it all on my own. I had survived a divorce that finished a relationship of seventeen years. I had retrained as a teacher and obtained a post in a local school, from which I was later made redundant. After this, I made a jump into the unknown and took a challenging job in the city, which involved a lot of travelling. I wanted recognition through promotion in my current field and saw this move as a way to achieve this.

My health

My health was beginning to fail and I wasn’t recognising this. I had neck pain and stiffness, bouts of fatigue, palpitations and insomnia. In spite of this I ignored what my body was trying to tell me and continued to push for what I thought I wanted. In addition, I had very little emotional support from the adults in my life.

My health became suddenly much worse and I had to stop working for 9 months. At my worst, I was barely able to stand up and was in constant pain. I never got a definite diagnosis. I may have had fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue possibly complicated by an early menopause. Who knows? To put it bluntly, nobody really seemed to care! The doctors were very happy to sign me off, but there was no support to get me better. The medication I was given was horrible and I just piled on the weight. The professionals were filled with doom and gloom saying, “You won’t be able to do what you used to do”, “It’s your job”, “Many people do not regain all of their energy back”.

I had to be resourceful and attempt to sort myself out. Therefore, I realised the importance of enjoying life again, doing the things that I liked and having a purpose, without worrying about whether my body could do it, or not.

My solution

I did things the hard way and learned what my body needed. As a result, I listened to and read about other people’s ideas regarding fatigue. Therefore, I sought out treatments with a holistic health practitioner, experimented with my diet and tried cognitive therapy on myself. Consequently, I looked at my current and past life, deciding on my wishes for the future and thinking about how to achieve them.

I realised that my life was unbalanced. Constantly rushing around had given me fatigue and forced me to stop. Therefore, I needed to rethink my philosophy of life and make changes. So, I had to let go of control, give up my obsession for perfection and high expectations of myself. Hence, it was important for me to begin to say ‘No’.

My BeEnergized journey continued

The journey has been life changing for me and 10 years on I am now a qualified Mind Body Balance Coach, wanting to enhance the journey of other people suffering with energy loss and chronic pain.

In my coaching practice, I use the skills I have gained from training as a health practitioner and teacher, together with life experience to deliver personalised individual coaching. My aim is to help my clients bring balance back into their lives. I make lots of small changes, resulting in a big change that produces a healthier metabolism. Furthermore I support, educate and encourage all my clients to achieve a healthy balanced life.

If you are ready to make a change contact me, or join my private Facebook page, ‘BeEnergized’.