Elevate Your Energy by Engaging Your Metabolism

Blog post elevate your energy by engaging your metabolism
What you eat and your lifestyle create what energy you have. You can elevate your energy levels by making small changes in these areas of your life. A life well lived is one with enough energy to do and enjoy what makes you happy. Otherwise life just becomes a survival game!
A slow metabolism produces less energy in the body.

So, what does a slow metabolism look like?

Look for these signs:Tired man. Elevate your energy.
  • You feel tired and out of tune with your body.
  • Your weight is fluctuating.
  • You feel cold.
  • You are stressed.
  • You have dry, cracked skin.
  • Your hair is thinning and your nails are in a mess.
  • Your joints are stiff and inflexible.
  • You struggle to concentrate.
  • You have sugar cravings.
  • You suffer from headaches

What is metabolism?

It is the way your body converts food into energy that your body can use. The process is controlled by your hormones.
One of the most important hormones for metabolism control is leptin. This tells your brain when to eat and when to stop eating. It tells your brain when to increase or decrease your metabolic rate.
 Metabolism slows when food is scarce. Elevate your energy.
When you skip a meal your body slows your metabolism.
When you overeat your body converts the extra energy that is not needed into fat.
To have an efficient metabolism you need to look after your hormones by practising good eating behaviours.

What to do to elevate your energy levels if your metabolism is slow. . . . .

It is possible to change the way that your metabolism works. Look at the following ideas to help you.
  • The importance of food for your metabolism
Whole food. Elevate your energy.To maintain a healthy metabolism you must eat enough food, real nutrient rich food. Metabolism does not thrive on deprivation! Instead it will adjust and slow down to conserve your energy reserves. It does this to protect you from starvation. This is why eating insufficient nutrients during a weight loss diet can result in post diet weight gain. The body just gets used to less fuel and conserves the way its processes function.
Give up those weight loss diets!
Allow your body to be the way that nature intended, reaching the weight it is supposed to be and so elevate your energy levels naturally.
  • The importance of exercise for your metabolism

You can speed up your metabolism through exercise. This is because your muscle cells need lots of energy and your mitochondria number will increase to supply this if needed.

Choose exercise that you enjoy because otherwise you won’t follow through with it. Men and women often have preferences here that reflect their different hormonal makeup. A man’s choice is to push himself to the limit and more. Whereas women are more likely to choose an exercise class, like yoga, something that focuses on body awareness. The endorphins that your body releases from exercise also gives you a feel good factor. It is the act of moving that is important, regularly throughout the day. A sedentary life with one hour of exercise each day is not the best model to follow.Balance in life is important. Elevate your energy.
Over exercising can however create a stress in your body, so be aware of this because it can have a negative effect on your metabolism. Women are particularly sensitive to this due to their hormonal make up.
Getting older means that you loose muscle mass and this in itself can slow your metabolism. Try putting in place a regular exercise programme that you keep to. Include some high intensity interval training to boost your metabolic rate. By this I mean pushing your body hard for short periods of time, resting and then repeating. Add in some strength and resistance training to build muscle as well. This will help you to maintain a healthy efficient metabolism and so elevate those energy levels.
  • The importance of the environment for your metabolism 
Toxins slow down your metabolism because they interfere with the chemical reactions that take place within the mitochondria. The body lays down fat to contain the toxins, which then protects you from them. A hormone in the body called leptin plays a role in this. Toxins prevent leptin from telling your brain you have had enough to eat, which allows your body to overeat and store fat. Look at ways to reduce your toxin load. Try to use green beauty and cleaning products. Think about the toxins produced when you cook and ensure that you are choosing the best cooking oil for the temperature that you are using.

How to make a change

I always suggest beginning with tiny steps because that way you have more chance of making the change stick. I begin with food choices, as without this strong foundation energy levels are hard to manage.Change your habits and elevate your energy
What to do next to elevate your energy levels
In my online course ‘Food choices to BeEnergized’, I show you how to choose food and patterns of eating behaviour that will elevate your energy levels.
This course is for you if:
  • You get energy slumps at crucial times during the day e.g mid morning, late afternoon, or late evening.
  • You need help with choosing what to eat and when.
  • You want to improve your eating behaviours and eat in a way that suits you best as an individual.
  • You want to try little changes in your diet to improve your energy levels. I show you how to do this.
My course, ’Food Choices to BeEnergized’ is the beginning of a range of courses that I am currently working on. These all relate to empowering yourself through raising your energy levels.

Follow the journey to BeEnergized on Instagram at #beenergizedjourney.

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