A Mind Body Balance Coach helps you to use your body wisdom to read, understand and respond to your body’s needs. 

Body Wisdom

So what is body wisdom?

The body has its own way of knowing when something is wrong and can communicate this to the mind. However, the body and mind need to be tuned into each other in order to do this. This is known as body wisdom. Furthermore, being aware of this process and using it effectively can really benefit your day-to-day life.

The ways that I can help clients

  • We discuss past life experiences, to see if these are having an influence on current eating habits. Often people hang onto issues that they have not dealt with at the time. The term most people would recognise for this is, ’emotional baggage’.
  • We approach weight loss by managing diet in a less restricting and more natural way. The focus here is to take the stress away from the eating process.
  • We examine lifestyle practices, to find ways of doing that make life more fulfilling. This often then results in an improved relationship with food.
  • We explore relationships with other people, which can reveal a surprising link to eating behaviours. Working in this area can produce significant changes in how an individual relates to food.
  • I help the client feel more comfortable in their own body. When a client uses negative self-talk it can affect all sorts of areas in their life. Adopting strategies to correct this results in clients developing a more positive approach.
  • I encourage clients to see how social, emotional and cultural influences affect the way they digest food, assimilate it and burn calories. This is a huge area of work, but in simple terms, it’s all about how you were raised. Add to that, the effects of a rapidly changing modern world and all types of issues arise.