Mind Body Balance Coaching is a helpful approach for a variety of health and well-being concerns. It combines practical coaching techniques with dietary suggestions and mind-body connections.

Mind Body Connections

Mind body connections involve inner knowledge about ourselves. Many people in the modern world have forgotten how to tune into this understanding. In my coaching practice I can guide you to reconnect with your body wisdom and use it to your advantage in everyday life.

I can help you with the following situations:

  • Weight concerns.

Weight gain, or loss is probably one of the more common reasons that clients come to see me. However, it can also be the most interesting. This is because weight on the body can be a result of so many different contributing factors. Together we explore eating patterns, lifestyle and life experience to find the clients natural weight.

  • Binge eating.

Binge eating involves eating to excess Many of my clients come to see me about bingeing on food. They know what they are doing, but just can’t seem to help themselves. Initially, we focus on the macronutrient make up of their meals, then explore psychological and emotional areas in order to work out a path to reduce the frequency of these binges.

  • Overeating

Overeating is another common complaint among my clients. In this situation we begin by focusing on following natural body rhythms and the macronutrient makeup of meals.

  • Body image challenges

Body image difficulties are common place in modern society and stretch across all age ranges. Our culture and upbringing have a huge impact here. In these cases the work will be focused on gaining an understanding of the reasons behind the negative views held by the client about his/her body.

  • Diet related health concerns, such as digestion, fatigue, mood and immunity.  

Diet related health concerns are many and they are diverse in their origins. However, all are approached initially through exploring what the client eats.

I am currently running a local group to enhance energy levels, called BeEnergized.

BeEnergized logo. A journey to regain energy.

On my page BeEnergized I describe the issues that I have had with fatigue.