My Services

I want you to have the health you deserve and a satisfying relationship with food.

Achieving a satisfying relationship with food

A person who craves food, restricts it and feels guilty when eating, does not have a healthy approach to food. They are in fact demonstrating an unsatisfying relationship with it.

A person who enjoys what they eat, allows themselves some treats and responds to their bodies self-care signals, has a healthy approach to food. They are showing a satisfying relationship with it.

My approach to the coaching relationship

My coaching skills demonstrate an approach  that is positive and empowering. I see your eating behaviours as somewhere to more fully explore life.

Eating challenges may be connected to work, to money problems, unsatisfying relationships and more. The Coaching relationship encourages discussion and the teasing out of such issues. It involves working alongside you, encouraging and motivating you to move forward. I provide you with goals and ideas to try between sessions. As a result, reflection of these ideas is a part of the process.

In my practice I explore physical, emotional and psychological factors that influence eating behaviours. It is this breadth of approach that differs from many other nutrition experts in the field. This is the reason you should choose my services.

Please see my Coaching Guidelines